Links to Political Humor

Argus Hamilton Today
Get your daily political humor fix in the daylight with comedian Argus' political humor fresh everyday

Terry Coppage fires from the left at a gallery of Right Wing wacko's, often using a discouraged word. Rated R, but a must read for anyone over 17.

Bob's Fridge Daily Skew
Politics can often get heated. What better place to cool those political heels and get some crisp and frequently juicy bite-size current event snacks?

The Borowitz Report
NPR Commentator and humorist Any Borowitz finds his laughs in the pomp and circumstance of every day life.

The Capitol Steps
Armed with a song in their hearts and a sense of humor, these former Congressional staffers step out and dance through the political landscape.

The Daily Probe
This R-rated site has more than Dubya behind the eight ball. Drop in, drop pretense, and prepare to be probed.

Doonesbury's Town Hall
What is political humor without Doonesbury? You'll find everything from Flash to rich archives of Gary Trudeau's comic.

Frumious Bandersnatch
The eyes of Baja Arizona are pointed out all over, and this periodical newsletter puts a Southwestern flavor on national politics.

Ironic Times
News, weather and sports headlines with a twist are here. Even the banners are designed to make you laugh.

The home of Campaign 2004's most hillarious "equally offensive" flash movies. Be sure to see "This Land is Your Land," and "I Wish I Were in DC."

Madeleine Begun Kane is the author of Dubya's Diary and a host of other high level laughs at the expense of Republicans.

See Span Run
Humorist Sue D. Nim's "anti-social commentary" features a 4-legged White House leak by her little dog "Span." Updated each week.

The Onion 
Absolutely the funniest news/political site on the Web! Refreshed every week with memorable "news."

This Week in the News
If you think a picture is worth a thousand words, you can picture all the fun in the week gone by here.

Will Durst
San Francisco's best political humorist writes a regular column for theliberal-leaning "Working for Change" site.

Wizard of Whimsy
An amazing display of political art that will burn in your memory for a far longer term than the current administration.

Political Cartoons

The American Political Cartoonery
Chris Hiers, self-described starving artist, brings instant animated cartoons to this colorful site that is frequently updated.

The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists
Chances are your favorite syndicated editorial cartoonist is here, as are some rising interns in the field.

Scott Bateman of the Eugene (OR) Register-Guard draws his vision over national issues.

Canadian Cartoonists
An army of talented cartoonists draw some warmth into a cold country.

Campaign Comix
Thadeus& Weez was the cartoon highlight of the 2000 Presidential campaign. As the 2004 campaign season opens, be ready for a new round of belly laughs.

Conrad the Magnificent!
One of the few vestiges of the so-called "liberal media," remaining in fine form, Paul Conrad has been my personal favorite for years.

Evote 'Toons
Kevin Keane draws pictures to keep visitors to this informative site abreast of the issues of the day.

Witness greatness in this collection of five decades of the late Herblock's cartoons in the Washington Post.

David Horsey
See Pulitzer Prize winner and Seattle's best cartoonist, David Horsey, as we see him in the Seattle Post Intelligencer.

Mother Goose Does Politics
America is going to the dogs, and Mike Peters, the wit behind the very funny Mother Goose & Grimmy comic strip is ready to bark up a very funny political tree.

This is where you find the best of American political cartoonists in a single location.

The Politics of Cartoon Characters 
Elmer Fudd, Bugs Bunny, Fred Flinstone, and a number of other looney tunes reveal their political leanings here. A must see for all cartoon fans.

Tom Tomorrow
Salon's hilarious political comic strip continues to bring in the highest common demoninator of political humor connoisseurs. Tom also has his own site, including a blog.



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