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Week of June 29 to July 6


Empire Rising
David Horsey, a cartoonist for the Seattle PI plots the beginnings of the Empire of "Dubbia the Incoherent" in Part I of his forthcoming satirical history known as "From Hanging Chad to Baghdad."

Saddam Hiding in a Tunnel of Love?
Andy Borrowitz discovers the ousted dictator has scored a love affair in Idaho and a power connection through Hollywood.

Bush Edits Out Global Warming
Molly Ivins says Bush has found a magic tool to rid America of its problems: disappearing ink.

Kissinger Drops Pants, Social Sensitivity
A Grand Old Party at the US News & World Report Mansion and a little alcohol make the former Secretary of State a party animal.

Closet Doors Ripping Open
Canadian Cartoonist "Tab" (Thomas Boldt) of the Calgary Sun believes the doors of gay closets are forever open thanks to court decisions in Canada and the US.



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